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  dragon's lair ii > introduction Friday, July 12, 2024
Introduction to my Dragon's Lair project

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Space Ace, defender of justice!
Dragon's Lair II?
Huh huh ha ... Far out

Well, I must say that I bought this machine quite by accident. I had been (and still am) looking for an original Dragon's Lair machine for my basement bar. Like a lot of kids born between 1965 and 1975, I grew up playing Dragon's Lair. I remember when I first played it at the local Chuck E. Cheese. What a blast! Well, I'm finally at the point in my life where I can afford to purchase such a beast.

So as I was looking through the newsgroups (rec.games.video.arcade.collecting and rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace), when I saw an incredible deal on a Space Ace '91. Turns out an operator was selling it locally. So, I asked exactly what a SA '91 was (a converted Dragon's Lair II), and made an appointment.

Lucky me! Not only did I get a good deal on this game, but the operator threw in the original Dragon's Lair II board. Additionally, he told me that he didn't remove the adhesive for the Space Ace control panel. When I looked, the original DL2 control panel was in mint condition. What a find!

When I brought the game home, I removed the black vinyl. The right side it looked pretty good. However, the left side was pretty much ruined. I think that's the side that faced the sun (just my guess).

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