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The following indices, databases, or references were used to compile the information in VicMag:

Altholz, Joseph (The Religious Press in Britain, 1760-1900)
Gives denominational information for religious periodicals, a short background on the religious press during the time period mentioned, plus dates, frequency, and alternate titles. A good place to start when looking for journals with religious purposes or viewpoints.

Poole's Index
Many of the smaller journals may not be indexed here, but it's worth a try. RILN sometimes notes if a periodical is indexed in Poole's.

RILN (Union Catalog)
This subscription web-based index contains library holdings for thousands of publications. One can often find interesting supplementary information about a publication (like subtitles, alternate titles, etc.). It's accessible through Temple's library website (on Temple computers).

Waterloo Directory
This directory (now in hard copy as well as CD-ROM) may be large and somewhat suspect, but it's a good central compilation of many Victorian periodicals.
  • Vols. 1-7: A list of journals (alphbetical by title). Gives publication information, and occasional extended commentary and location information. You might even get lucky and find a reproduction of a journal's title page.
  • End of Vol. 7: Index of Issuing Bodies, with all associated publications.
  • Vol. 8: Index of Places & People, an alphabetical listing of places of publication & publishers (with assoc. publications).
  • Vols. 9-10: Subject Index. This list of publication subject matter is constantly being expanded. The subjects most comprehensively covered are: Art & Architechture, Children, Feminism, Music, Theatre, Wit & Humor, and Women.

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